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SoundStream X3-182 Competition X3 18" 7000 Watt RMS / 11000 RMS Burp Rated SPL / DB Drag Subwoofer

SoundStream X3-182 Competition X3 18 Inch 7000 Watt RMS / 11000 RMS Burp Rated SPL / DB Drag Subwoofer
Retail Price: $1,499.95
Thunder AV Price: Discontinued
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Item Number: X3-182
Manufacturer: SoundStream
Manufacturer Part No: X3-182
Condition: New
  • Surrounds are a critical part in the control and linearity of cone movement. As a cone moves forward, the inner part of the surround must stretch more than the outer part of the surround. Over time, this can become an issue. The revolutionary asymmetrical S-Block surround is a lot more than just a crazy looking surround. The embossed blocks on the upper roll of the surround actually get wider during full excursion. This avoids fatiguing of the surround and greatly prolongs failure. The smaller outer roll has two functions. First, it allows the driver to yield great transientresponse. Yes, the drivers actually sound great. Not just for burping!
  • Second, they allow for more excursion that the driver is capable of. In other words, even when BL=0 and the coil is 100% out of the gap, there is plenty of surround left for mechanical excursion. These new X3 surrounds simply will not tear or limit displacement in any way, period! Speaking of BL, BL is a measurement of the strength in the magnetic gap for the coil. While the amateur thinks that Xmax is the most important feature of a subwoofer, professionals know that BL is King! The fact is that the ultimate subwoofer will require some key features to make it the very best driver possible; high excursion capabilities, high power handling, a motor design that can clear the coil by 10mm during BL=0, and very high BL. The BL on the new X3 subs is very high and over 28T/M on the 15 and 18.
  • Reconing subwoofers is not a fun process, especially when you havent finished the competition yet! The new X3 subs can be taken apart and reassembled in 10 minutes, and drivers can be cured and ready to compete in 15-20 minutes! The new triple spider assembly and clamp gasket can easily be unbolted in just a few minutes. Slip the voice coil jig inside, drop in the recon kit, bolt it down, remove the jig and glue on the dust cap. Voila! Done! No more losing a competition because you blew a woofer in an earlier match during the day
  • FEATURES X3-182
  • Burp Power (watts) 105V (11,000w)
  • RMS Power (watts) 84V (7,000w)
  • Efficiency (1w/1m dB) 92.9
  • Voice Coil Configuration 4" DVC 2 Ohm
  • Mounting Depth 10"
  • Optimum High Tuning (55Hz) 5.00 Cu Ft

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