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I apologize if this offends anyone.. I know some of you will disagree with me and that is OK... There is nothing wrong with a little disagreement.. I will update this when I feel something needs to be said!
  • 6/26/12
  • NOTE: US flood insurance for areas that are susceptible to flooding is about to expire.. Republican Representative Rand Paul has attached a "Personhood Amendment" to the flood insurance bill. So all of you in FL getting flooded out right now with 2 feet of rain in 2 days.. If you are unable to get help from the US Govt you know who to blame.. IDIOTS that attach ideological BS into bills that have NOTHING to do with the bill itself.. So.. If "Congress" wants to pass the US Flood Insurance extension, Republicans, Rand Paul specifically wants a fertilized egg in a woman to be considered a person.. WHY?? Cause as I mentioned on previous dates the Republicans have done little or nothing in the House of Representatives but abortion bills , kill union bills and other ideological issues.. NOTHING on jobs.. You got to pull teeth in the House to get them to do ANYTHING to get people here in the US working..
  • Mitt Romney: The Washington Post reports that Bain Capital was a "Pioneer" in outsourcing US jobs to China and Mexico... It has also shown the Mitt Romney outsourced state jobs in MA to India.. Romney's campaign response?? There is a difference between outsourcing and off-shoring.. ROFL.. OK.. This is the kind of president we need right. Maximize profits even thought doing so you are utilizing overworked, underpaid, SLAVES in China , India, and Mexico.. This guy is a joke.. Amazing he is even where he is but hey, you step on enough people and you can make it to the top!! The American way!!
  • It has been reported that to this point REP/DEM's have spent 3 billion on advertising for this election period.. Republicans bitch about 500 Mill in loan guarantees to Solyndra and they blow what 1, 1.5, 2 billon on advertising to get realected???? How bout this.. Give the PEOPLE, you know, the struggling US citizens, this whatever billion dollars. We could REALLY use it.. But nope.. Goes to ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, Time Warner, Charter, and all the media companies. Cause you know they will do the right thing with it and help ALL kinds of middle and low income families.. what a joke!!
  • 6/12/12
  • FL governor Rick Scott and the US Govt fighting over FL trying to purge voters from the FL voting roles.. Scott goes on TV today and says that they found 50 people out of 180,000 on the list that voted illegally.. NOW.. The last presidential election was decided by 8.5 MILLION votes.. This guy thinks that 50 makes ANY DAM DIFFERENCE??? Idiot.. Spend however many tax dollars to do something that MAKES 0 DIFFERENCE!!
  • MANY republican governors are going after total BS issues that we should not be WASTING our prescious time on. CREATING JOBS, NOT going after unions, NOT going after abortion, NOT going after voter fraud so small that there were more shark attacks in FL than voter fraud convictions last year.. This is simply an attempt to make it harder for the people more likely to vote for democrats to vote. An attempt to steal the election from Obama like Bush #2 stole the elecion from Al Gore in 2000.. PERIOD.. THERE IS NO VOTER FRAUD.. This is waste of time crap that RICK SCOTT chooses to spend his time and FL tax dollars on, while the entire country struggles..
  • 6/7/12
  • Romney: It has come to light that Mitt Romney filed and got 4 deferrments from military service to avoid the draft during the Vietnam War.. He even lied in an interview in 1994 saying he NEVER did ANYTHING to avoid being drafted. Instead Romney went on Sabbatical in France for the Mormon Church during the Vietnam War.. So "serve" the church instead of "serve" your country.. The usual...Bush, SAME, Chaney, SAME.. They all want to go to war but do not want to be IN it..
  • Bottom like Mr Romney will tell you what you want to hear to get your vote, OR they will just BUY it with a million TV ads lying all the way to the white house.. These guys bitch about a 500 million loan guarantee for Solyndra when they just spent over 60 million in TV/Radio ads to keep Scott Walker in office in Wisconsin.. 75% of us are struggling to make rent every month and they will spend 100's of millions in the end to lie and deceive people.. Wheres the logic?? There is none!!
  • If you think that any of these Richie Riches with 10 cars, 10 houses and are worth 250 million, care about you and your strife you are mistaken!!.. They do not shop, clean, cook, drive or don ANYTHING for themselves, it is done FOR them..
  • 5/29/12
  • Romneys foreign policy suggests that we arm the opposition in Syria so they can fight for themselves.. Are these people just stupid or what?? Did they forget the 70"s?? Do they remember how Osama Bin Laden got his guns??? Yahh WE, the USA armed him with our guns to fight Russia.. It is amazing how money can buy you any govt position you want. Romney has no position on ANYTHING except tell you what you want to hear.. "All the trees are the right height here" Idiot.. I would not be surprised if it gets down to the election and the richey riches are handing out $50's at the polls to vote for Romney..
  • 5/24/12
  • How oblivious are people to the facts??? I hear this "Obama" is big govt, Obama is spending out of control, etc etc.. This is total BULLCRAP!!! The deficit was at 10 trillion + when Obama took office, the DAY he took office!! The month he took office we lost 700,000 jobs. The size of govt has gotten smaller with Obama in office.. You know who increased the size of govt??? GEORGE W BUSH.. and I did not see any of you people saying Bush was a big govt, big spender??? Look up the facts people.. Stop listening to Fox news, Mitt Romney, Donald Trump one the largest bankruptcy filers in history, LIES!!
  • FACT Dow Jones up significantly since Obama Took Office
  • FACT Gun Rights expanded since Obama took Office
  • FACT Unemployment down significantly since Obama took office
  • FACT US Domestic oil production over 50% for the first time in HISTORY since Obama took office
  • FACT Republicans have used the filibuster to block bills in the Senate, BY FAR, than any congress in history.
  • FACT GM and Chrysler back with a vengeance after Romney said they should be allowed to go bankrupt. GM back at #1 in the world!
  • FACT Mitt Romney Governor of MA 2002-2006 47th in job creation with a stagnant 1.4% job growth in 4 years.. Yahh, he knows how to create jobs. LOL.. You wonder why Mitt does not say much about him being a Governor, that is why!!
  • FACT Mitt Romney enacted a health care system that was the basis on which the so called "Obama Care" is based on.
  • FACT Obama has very little if ANYTHING to do with gas prices and anyone that insinuates or says they do are flat out liars or just trying to deceive you.. If you want to be stupid about it gas was $1.25 in 2000 when Bush took office and was over $4 in late 2008 when Bush left.. Did anyone blame Bush for gas prices.. NOOOOOO... But Fox News and Carl Roves Crossroads GPS are putting out ads spewing this crap..
  • FACT Obama is a US citizen, if Obama was white you would never hear this BS.. Anyone question Bush or Clinton's citizenship... ANY OTHER President in history??? Sorry I have to break it to you all but we have a black president, get over it, it is 2012 not 1950. Just because someone does not have the same skin color does not mean they are any lesser than you!
  • FACT The Bank BAILOUT, TARP, was Signed into law by GW Bush on Oct 3 2008 BEFORE OBAMA TOOK OFFICE.. LOOK UP THE FACTS PEOPLE!! Oct 3 2008 GW Bush left Obama with his first multi, multi billion dollar dinner bill that Obama was left to try and pay.
  • FACT Republicans took over control of the House of Representatives based on Jobs, Jobs, Jobs... Here a 2 years later, nothing but anti abortion, anti voter, anti gay legislation mixed in with some reaffirming that "In God We Trust" is our national motto, I didn't know it was NOT, I guess they forgot or something that it is on our MONEY!!!.. Nothing but talk crap, do nothing, block the rest and point the finger.. Do these guys want to get anything done or just continue doing zilch for the middle class and giving tax breaks to the millionaires??
  • FACT is a real 4 letter word to some Republican congressman..
  • If you people cannot see what Obama took on the day he took office you are blind.. If you cannot see that this president and his administration avoided the economic cliff... Late 2008, BEFORE OBAMA TOOK OFFICE, 770 Billion promise to banks that were failing, housing and employment in the toilet, our car companies failing... How much more can you heap on a day 1 president.. This economy is like the Titanic.. You cannot turn on a dime.. Obama, and his administration, despite the lies from Fox, Romney, Gingrich, Bachmann, Pailin, and all the other puppets, has done an exceptional job to get us to the point we are.. Again, if you cannot see that you are blind to the facts.
  • KEYSTONE PIPELINE: Our last desperate attempt to reclaim prehistoric energy stored by this earth.. Remember Beverly Hill Billies??? when the oil just bubbles up out of the ground??? Sorry no more of that , we have to drill 2 miles under the ocean or sift the oil out of sand like in Canada.. Sure I am sure there is a lot of it in Canada but lets all face it.. WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING ELSE.. What other technology do we have that is over 100 years old?? We will just keep burning this black sludge to get us around town.. The Keystone Oil Sands are the dirtiest oil we can get.. Easier to get at but harder and more costly to extract. The money from that should be put into wind and solar..
  • CLEAN COAL: More lies and deception.. How bout this.. lock yourself in your room, get a lump of coil and burn it.. Lets see how "CLEAN" it is.. Again, wind is free, solar is free, WHY ARE PEOPLE SO RELUCTANT WHEN IT IS STARING US IN THE FACE????? Do we need a cataclysmic event to get us to wake up??
  • Solyndra: Republicans bitching about this all the time.. SOLYNDRA was given 500 million in guaranteed loans and failed.. AIG was GIVEN 160 BILLION with a B by GW Bush in 2008 in the bank bail outs and still owe the US Govt 80 Billion with a B..AIG STILL OWES 160X what Solyndra was guaranteed.. Do you hear any Republicans saying ANYTHING about AIG?? NOPE cause ALL of them voted to bail out AIG. The Iraq was costing 10 BILLION a month, Afghanistan Billions a month, noone bitching about that cause ALL of them voted for it.. Just talk crap about Solyndra.. Simple minded!!
  • POLLS: In my opinion virtually useless.. With 350 million people in the US there is no sample large enough and wide enough demographically to be accurate .. A 1000 people's opinion representing 350000000??.. 2000 people??? I DONT THINK SO!! If you are walking down the streets of Atlanta GA and polling.. You are not getting a true sample of how ALL AMERICANS feel..
  • 5/15/12
  • So Romney is the nominee.. You mean the guy that lost to the guy that lost last time... That guy?? There is a reason why Republicans picked McCain and not Romney last time.. Now The Republicans are trying to make Romney look like a legit candidate when these are the same people that picked McCain last time.. Romney and the Republicans will say ANYTHING to get your vote, Pander to ALL..
  • Do we really think that a profit making machine like a business is the same as running a government?? Do we want JP Morgan Chase gambling with the equity in Government buildings on Wall Street??? This is a SOCIETY people.. Not a big giant business.. things in society have MORALITY. business HAS NO MORALITY.. It is make money or lose money. In a society you have to take EVERYONE into consideration.. NOT just your shareholders..
  • 2/11/2012
  • NEW RULE: Religious instititions can follow their own rules and do not have to follow the same rules that EVERYONE else has to.. Whats next??? No prosecution of Catholic child molestors or the people that hid them for 25 years cause RELIGION may say it is acceptable??? What about this, 12 year old girls getting married becauce the Jewish religion and many others think it is acceptable.. If religious institions do not have to follow the same rules as the rest of us, Whats NEXT?? If you people do not think the envelope will be pressed you are all sadly mistaken..
  • 2/8/2012
  • You want a reality check people???
  • Barrack Obama WILL BE the next president of the United States.. PERIOD.. All these Republican "candidates" are just blowing 100's of millions of dollars lying about 1 another and it is ALL a big waste of time.. How do I determine this? By doing the SAME EXACT thing I did in 2008... Look at the numbers.. Here are the totals for the Republican primaries to this point...
  • State TOTAL Republican Primary Votes State Population(2009) Percentage
  • Iowa 121,501 3,007,856 4.0%
  • New Hampshire 248,485 1,324,575 18.8%
  • South Carolina 601,215 4,561,242 13.2%
  • Florida 1,669,647 18,537,969 9.0%
  • Nevada 32,894 2,643,085 1.2%
  • Minnesota 48,695 5,266,214 0.9%
  • Missouri 251,868 5,987,580 4.2%
  • Colorado 65,989 5,024,748 1.3%
  • Totals 3,040,294 46,353,269 6.5%
  • Now lets get real people.. Republicans are going to need a WHOLE lot more people out voting to do anything but waste their time and 100's of millions of dollars. Out of 8 states all they could ALL muster up is 3 million votes?? How many millions did they all spend in advertising, lying about 1 another, lying about Barrack Obama to get a WHOLE 3 million votes?? Any practical calculations you would use would give you like $10,000 a vote.. Pathetic... I say we call it now. Spend the blown money on rebuilding our country, not giving it to Fox, ABC, NBC, CBS and all the other networks for their stupid commercials. Instead of watching the best commercials of the year during the Superbowl, we get to watch stereotyped, 1/2 truth, political ads instead.. JUST what I wanted to watch!
  • DONALD TRUMP: It makes no sense to me why ANYONE listens to this idiot.
  • Donald Trump businesses have filed chapter 11 4 times.. 1991,1992,2004 and 2009. Funny how you make bad business decisions and then just file Chapter 11. I wish I could just file Chapter 11 over and over and over.. The Taj Mahal borrowed 1 billion to construct the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City and paid 14% interest on the loan..Sounds like a good negotiator.. People get better rates at the car dealership.. He's gonna tell China and Opec off right?? SURE... This left the Donald in 3.4 billion in debt.. I wish I could just get billions in debt and then have the banks prop me up so they do not lose more foreclosing on the idiotic business venture.. This guy Yaps and Yaps and Yaps but seems to have borrowed billions, REAPED money out of those businesses to buy himself all the richy rich things , similar to Mitt Romney, and then just filed bankruptcy... So is that how it works people.. Is this "Capitalism" borrow billions and if you screw up and make a bunch of stupid decisions, just close up shop and everyone else can deal with YOUR debt.. In any event, DONALD deserves no respect for anything at all.. He filed for more bankruptcies than most Americans , and the total amount he filed for , estimated at 30 Billion dollars, is more bad debt than 1/2 the population. Donald needs to just shut his mouth and go figure out how to run a business right and how to make logical decisions.. He is supposedly worth 2.7 billion and filed for 30 billion in bankruptcies... You do the numbers.. He aint worth CRAP. He is a USER of the system, PERIOD.. Any of you filed for bankruptcy 4 times??? I think not..
  • CAPITALISM: New Definition...
  • 1. Undercut everyone on price even if the product you are selling is crap and your margins are too small to operate. File Chapter 11.. See APEX Digital.. Sold the first crap $25 DVD player at Walmart, this forced the major brands, Samsung, Panasonic, etc, to strip their products to nothing but a skeleton of what they were so they can make a $50 DVD Player, then Apex Digital files Chapter 11. NICE!!
  • 2. Borrow more money than you can chew on, reap all the money out of the company in executive compensation and BS "bonuses", File Chapter 11. See Bain Capital (Mitt Romney) business model..
  • 3.Sell products below cost to get people to your site. See Amazon makes 90% of the profit on everything sold on their site so they can sell certain products below cost just to get people to your site.. ran in the red for the 1st 7 years of their business. I was making money online before those idiots were.. SCUZZY Business practices all around.. See:
  • If this is how "Capitalism" works, ohh what a stupid idea. I wish I could just run my business into the ground by buying $1000 in products I cannot sell, a new Mercedes,a nice Yacht, a new house then file bankruptcy and leave all my distributors and manufacturers hanging with the bill.. I have sold online for almost 18 years now.. Same business, same owner.. I DON'T OWE any distributor, Manufacturer ANYTHING.. I own a 2000 Dodge Neon...

    Pat Buchanon.... Republican commentator, former presidential candidate, refers to Obama as having coon skin.. Colorado Republican House member Doug Lamborn refers to Obama as a tar baby on a AM radio interview this morning...  This is where we are in 2011?? Total flat out racists in congress and in Republican talking circles... Seriously..  This is why we are where we are right now cause the old "Whities" in congress and around the US, are still living in the 60's. They do not seem to want to wake up and see that women and african american's can vote now, we have been to Mars, 8-Tracks are out of style, and trickle down economics has shown it does not work!!!

    Republicans are holding up funding of the FAA so that they can insert language into the legislation that does not allow TSA employees to form Unions.. The US Govt is losing 100's of millions of dollars of taxes built into the airplane tickets, 4000 FAA employees are on furlough,40,000 construction workers working on airport projects around the US are all on hold.. WHY.. So Republicans can break more unions.. .. Go ahead, try to negotiate a raise or some time off with the HEAD CHEESE, all alone, see how far you get...

    US National Debt vs GDP 2000 - 2010
    National Debt 2000-2010 As of 2008 The debt stood at 9 Trillion with good ol George W Bush in office still.. So the republicans acting like this is all Obama's bill are misrepresenting the facts... If you look at the progression from 2000-2008, the gap between debt and GDP was closing. Then at the beginning of 2009 with a 11+Trillion Dollar Deficit, Obama takes office.. So lets be real.. This is NOT OBAMA's dinner bill, yet Republican's keep saying "Obama's debt limit increase".. GET REAL!!! use your brain's people!!!

    Next republican on CNN claiming that cutting SS, Cutting Medicare, Cutting Education, cut, cut, cut , is job creating.. ROFLMAO.. FLAT OUT LIAR!!!! He's in favor of a national retail sales tax and no income tax.. ROFL.. Is this guy stupid?? how many people buy things out of state to AVOID state sales tax..?? GOD THESE GUYS ARE LOST!!! Apparently he has not heard of the internet and the fact that there is NO TAXES on 99% of internet sales.. ... 

    Republicans are trying to pass the Boehner Bill to increase the debt limit right now in the House.. It is so bad that he may not even get the 216 R votes in the house to pass it...240 Republicans in the house and Boehner cannot even get 216... Sounds like a legit piece of legislation... R just want to act like they put some legislation forward, heck , I personally could put some BS legislation forward and ACT like it means anything or is in any way going to become law, then point the finger and say hey he didn't put a plan forward and I did.. Even though my bill is useless and totally 1 sided.. 

    NOTE: Nancy Pelosi, former Speaker of the House of representatives, initiated 500+ laws during her service that eventually became law.. Boehner in 8 months has gotten through 12 bills that became law...This is not just partisan cause when Pelosi was first speaker, the Senate and Presidency were Republican. Sounds more like Boehner is more interested in taking away women's rights, union rights, gay rights, and anything else but creating jobs and getting us out of this quagmire that they got us all into in the first place.. This is an ideological war plain and simple.. If your children are forced to pray at school it is because the Republicans made it happen. If you work for GE and want safe working conditions, you have to go talk to the head cheese yourself.. Good luck with that.. they wll just fire you to shut you up.. Ten hire an illegal or move your job overseas so their shareholders and the boss can make more an more money.. All the while you are out of work.. . 

    Got a message on my answering machine from someone looking for a Garmin part.. After reading my "thoughts" they said ohh nevermind, I will take my business elsewhere... OK.. You do that.. Shallow minded people will use political disagreements to justify ANYTHING... Your local stereo store may have the same feelings but does not have the guts to say it.. You have to be PC right... Sorry not me.. Take your business elsewhere, Your $20 will not make or break my business. Besides, I do not want to deal with people who are so closed minded that they will not buy from someone cause they disagree with them politically... DUDE.. why did you even bother to call or did it make you feel better to TELL on my voicemail you are going elsewhere ... Why bother call??? Or Why don't you call and tell me where I am wrong.. That is what I thought... All you would do is call me names anyway cause besides the opinions I throw in, everything here is represented and goes off THE FACTS.. Not what Fox News decides is the facts... GET REAL!!!  Matter of fact why don't you grow some and call me some time later than 6AM pacific time and have a REAL conversation about it.. But you don't you just leave a voicemail at 6AM.. ROFL.. Republicans and their minions don't want a REAL debate on the facts, they would rather just call you names like socialist and Libertard... Sounds constructive... Even today with the New Boehner budget plan they quoted from what the CBO came up with on numbers to boast about their one sided, my way or the highway, "BiPartsan" plan. Funny cause for 3 years the Republicans have been talking crap about what the CBO came up with and that the numbers were bias... You know the CBO said that the Bush Tax Cuts cost the US 2 Trillion in lost revenue and those RICHIES created 3 million measly jobs in 8 years with all that money..  You won't see the Republicans quoting those numbers from the CBO cause it doesn't fit their story..

    My Note for my congressman through the Right Wing Crossroads GPS in response to their new TV add about No More Blank Checks for Obama..

    TITLE: Bush Given 7 blank checks on the debt limit.. Now Obama... Nooooo Not for him... 
    This is a bunch of LIES... Who gave BUSH a blank check for 8 years.. YOU REPUBLICANS AND YOU MR. Crossroads GPS, KARL ROVE.. gave Bush a BLANK CHECK FOR YEARS.. and NOW you guys are all about physcal responsibility. What a joke.. Write my congressman... Yahh Mr/Mrs Congressman/woman.. Get these Republican and Crossroad liars out of here so the people that want what is best for the county can move forward... Republicans just want to let the richie riches off the hook with all of their billions. Not have them do THEIR part and help with this debt crisis... Lets just make grandma pay for it.. Republicans want Rich people to rule and poor people to just shut up and get in line...Why is it that when republicans had control of EVERYTHING, the debt went to 7 Trillion, Bush had a blank check and wasted 2 trillion in Iraq and Afghanistan , none of these Republicans SAID ANYTHING.. Republicans SAID nothing at all while Bush ran the whole country into a ditch with 1000 lies, trillions of dollars wasted in tax breaks for the rich that produced 3 million jobs in 8 years, and an unpaid for prescription drug program that was unfunded and just added to the debt.YOU GUYS SAID NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING!!!!   I remember this same comment about a blank check with Bush and Republicans called the ones that questioned Bush unpatriotic and unamerican.. Should we do the same.. Should we call you unamerican cause you do not stand behind OUR president, you call him Kenyan and everythng else in the book except for the N word??? We won't cause D's don't do that. D's use facts, R's use emotions... D's hit you with facts, R's lie about you and call you names, attack your gender, anything but address the facts cause FACT IS a 4 letter word to Republicans...

    Boehner and Cantor have a press conference and it is funny to see them take about 1 minute to speak cause once the talking points are all said, they have nothing else to say.. Beohner says this is a compromise... WHAT EXACTLY DID THE REPUBLICANS COMPROMISE ON??? NOTHING AT ALL.. They say that this is a bipartisan bill coming out of the House, yet there is nothing in there that democrats want.. Cut Medicare, cut SS??? that is not what Dems are about.. Dems want some tax increases on Richie Rich but NOOOOOO.. Rich people need not pay any more than they DON'T pay now... They say that te president has no plan... RAISING THE DEBT CEILING has been a 1 page bill for 50 years... Not with a bunch of BS Tea Party carp attached to it... NOW REPUBLICANS are making a crisis out of it by combining the 2 actions. GW Bush under the same Republicans raised th debt limit 7 times from 2000-2008 with none of this crap attached, not a single hitch... All these republicans ordered WAR WAR WAR and now the bill is due and they want to cut SS and medicare to pay for it... 

    hannity show on Fox News.. They have Republicans on about the debt crisis and 1 of them says that unemployment has went up 18% under Obama... Well since it is 9% right now, what was it -9% before.. Of course hannity says nothing cause it makes Obama look bad even though the numbers are 100% CRAP!!! It is funny how many people on Fox can say WHATVER they want and NEVER get fact checked.. Whatever BS fits the MO... That is all it is about... 

    Boehner and Cantor come out with their MY WAY or the HIGHWAY proposal... Suckers The Dems into identifying all kinds of cuts, takes them up on just the cuts, no taxes for the rich, no losing tax loopholes, what a total JOKE!!!  This is a BIPARTISAN agreement huh?? My ass!! Dems get to increase the debt to pay for BUSH'S bills and the Republicans get to strip the hell out of Medicare, Medical, Social Security and all other less fortunate people programs.. 
    Boehners office released a statement that the Boehner bill 

    NEXT the republicans will want your first born, mandatory prayer in schools, no gay rights, etc etc. 

  • 7/23/11
    Boehner walks out of talks to raise the debt ceiling..  The rich and huge corps have reaped all the money out of the system.  When they all faced going under we bail them out with the owners and still rich as hell executives facing no responsibility in the entire matter..  Now Republicans backed by those same rich people don't want to pay the bill.. Amazing..  The debt ceiling has been raised many 100's of times with none of this political crap involved.. Now Republicans want to run this scam to strip more of the poor, elderly and less fortunate of anything they have.. The rich guys 4th car is just not enough, he needs your Pinto too.. All Republicans want is cut funds to EVERYTHING, and the rich get more tax cuts and keep all their loopholes for their corporate jets. Its like refusing to pay your state taxes but want a nice clean surface to ride on the roads and 

    Donald Trump interviewed by Pierce Morgan on CNN... "What would he do to fix the economy"??? ROFLMAO... Seriously... The guy that filed like 6 billion in 3 bankruptcies in the last 30 years.. YAHH thats some gooooood advice.. CNN comon... Do you just let any old person rattle off at the mouth about anything, untested to the facts???

    2 Republicans on CNN this afternoon calling the debt ceiling increase, "His Debt increase" .. meaning Obama's. Now that these same Republicans ran up the bills for 10 years, it is now the Democratic Presidents Bill.. Republicans are willing to mess the entire economy up so that the rich can keep their useless BUSH TAX CUTS that DIDNT DO anything for normal Americans.  At this point Republicans don't want to allow Obama to pay the same bills Republicans created under Bush Jr.. It would be like your wife, charging up your credit card, then not allowing you to pay the bill regardless of the effects on your credit and your family...Republican's are a bunch of CHILDREN.. Lie, Cheat, Steal, deceive, whatever it takes to achieve your agenda.. Who cares about the common American..  

    Republicans keep calling job creators, / businesses  that make 250K a year small businesses... Sounds like a large business and if they make that much they are a corp or LLC... Give me a break!! These same "Job Creators:" are the same ones off shoring our US jobs to China, India, and anywhere they can pay $1 a day for labor.. These job creators you call them want MONEY.. They don't care about a normal American, they care about Benjamin, Grant, an Jackson.. Period!!

    Senator Warren Hatch (R) on CNN responded that Obama inherited a bad economy, "So He Says", claiming that History shows that the 2 Trillion in Iraq and Afghanistan were the right decision. ROFLMAO.. What ARE these people smoking.. We don't want to tax richie rich cause he makes jobs.. Then he adds their bipartisan commision wants to lower corp taxes into the 20's... GE Corp. PAID NO TAXES!!! 20, 30, 50, makes no difference if they PAY NO TAXES.. 
    These republicans seem to be able to lie to people and misrepresent the facts without batting an eye.. MORE THAN 50% on ALL polls wants to tax RICH PEOPLE MORE!!! They already right off everything cause they can afford a tax guy to find every single loophole imaginable. They will even make some up if they needs to.. This is a 100% joke. Republicans do not care about our country, they just want to stick their nose into our bedrooms, into our wives wombs, into our phonecalls, into every single part of our lives.. But hey, don't tax GE or EXXON/Mobile anymore cause you wouldn't want to take any of their billions in profits... I am not a hateful person but these white old guys with the 50's mentality, need to retire and move on cause this is 2011 and we have real issues.. These idiots want to fight it out on issues from the 19th century, ABORTION, GAY RIGHTS, etc... History shows that republican ideas DO NOT WORK.. It is funny to watch them fool people by the 100,000's with "Death Panels", Kenyan's, Pimps with camera's, Obama paling around with terrorists..  and all the other BS that republicans and Fox News have come up with... Disgusting.. And this is what we want everyone around the world to model after?? 

    How stupid is the media??? Going after Representative Anthony Weiner for a picture sent from his twitter account to an ADULT college student, who NEVER opened it.. Are you joking.. WHO CARES!!! The country is going town the tubes and Dana Bash CNN, and the rest of the CNN crew want to drool over a picture of soime bulging underwear and 1/2 Governor Sarah Palin.. Ohhhhh is she gonna run?? NO SHE IS NOT.. She quit her governorship in AK, what makes you think she could handle a term of president??  She is simply doing this "tour" so she can get richer and CNN and other media is just running with it.. CNN... You guys are useless, you focus on stupid crap and just brush over the important stuff.. You let people lie about facts and don't even call them on it.. Anderson Cooper is the only one that seems to do anything legit over there. You used to be a leader in news.. Now you cover stupid crap like the royal wedding that your own poling said people did not care about... 

    Osama Bin Laden IS DEAD.. YES, he is dead and conspiracy idiots just need to shut up about it. Do you really think that Bin Laden would not be out with an audio or video the next day if he was alive?? Get REAL people. The Obama administration would not even take the risk of Bin Laden coming out with a NO.... I am still alive,  tape right after this happened... Conspiracy people on this issue are just plain oblivious to reality. Give it up Bin Laden is DEAD and that is the end of it. Praise the US Seal Team VI for this straight Ninja operation. It finally took a calculated , precision operation set up by Obama rather than an emotional bomb here bomb there , invade here and invade there, mentality of the Bush administration. Great Job to the US military that put this all together, Obama, Clinton, and all of the others involved in this historic operation!

    Yahh NOW Republicans want to cut trillions from the budget.. 1 Trillion+ in Iraq under republican supervision, giving all the richey riches all the tax breaks over the last 10 years, NOW they want to cut trillions on the backs of old/poor people. The richey rich pile of cash has gotten HUGE in the last 10 years and NOW republicans want to work on the budget... A little late... 

    I cannot understand how ANYONE would give ANY thought to Republicans and what they think about the budget. HISTORY has clearly shown that their ideas DO NOT WORK.. PERIOD.. Some of the ideas should be taken into consideration of course but overall it DOES NOT WORK.. Get it through your heads people TRICK DOWN DOES NOT WORK.. AT ALL... Republicans can skew it all they want and fudge all the numbers they want but LOOK at HISTORY.. Republicans RUN UP THE DEBT..These facts are in the record and indisputable .. Look at Sarah Palin... Look at John MCCain... former, almost president and VP.. Comon people wake up.. Republicans are wolves in sheep's clothing... 

    The CBO non partisan Congressional Budget Office issued a report about the Paul Ryan Republican budget, just passed in the house today. Under the Ryan Plan seniors would pay twice as much money out of their own pockets for health care each year... $12K.. By 2022 ... Nice.. Give all the rich bankers and wall street guys that ran the economy into the depths of hell, gambling with those same seniors retirement money,  tax cuts. 10% more under the Ryan plan from 35% to 25%. Then balance the budget on the backs seniors..  This is just the surface. Students, Children, even Girl Scouts are under attack from republicans wanting to place all the strain of getting the debt under control on the middle class, poor, disabled, and less fortunate.. Read the charts below, Republicans have 0 clout on budget issues even though they pull some Jedi mind trick on people and act like they do.

    Republicans also do not care about the troops either, the fund them sure, but they don't want them to have mandatory rest periods between deployment, or even want to give any tax breaks to their families... Just goto Google and look up any of the voting records. John Boehner (R), Mitch Mcconnell (R), Paul Ryan (R), Eric Cantor (R), even look up John MCCain... ALL The same story, fund, fund, fund the waste of time war in Iraq, no rest periods for troops, no tax breaks for military families, just for rich people right???, no withdrawal from Iraq, no timeline for withdrawal from Iraq. Lets all be real about this... If Iraq was something we bought, or if it was an investment we made in something, it may just be the worst investment that WE, the US, has made in HISTORY...  So lets all think of Bush, Chaney, Rumsfeld, MCCain, Cantor, Ryan, ALL of them as our investment brokers... Sorry to say guys but you guys suck and I want to take my money to some other investors that can make better decisions with MY, the taxpayers, money.. 

    It has come to my attention that DONALD TRUMP businesses have filed bankruptcy to the tune of 5 Billion Dollars in the last 30 years.. Now that is who we need running the country, someone that runs their own businesses into debt for billions then files for bankruptcy protection... The GREAT free market at work..  Amazing how many people admire him for his businesses when that sounds like a horrible business leader... 

    The Republicans seem to know how to tank our economy very well.. We do not need these people making ANY decisions about the budget cause they seem to have no clue how to balance the budget, or reduce the national debt.

    >John Boehner (R) voting record 2002-2006: voted YES for all Iraq war appropriations as well as the use of force in Iraq.  Voted No in 2007 to start redeployment of our troops Iraq. Even voted NO in 2007 on a bill called " Mandatory Troop Rest Periods Between Deployments to Iraq" NO....? the usual, John MCCain voted no on the same bill, and had a similar voting record. Mr I love the troops and the Vets. So keep piling up the bills in Iraq and Afghanistan, NOOOO problem, and of course our troops do not deserve rest between deployments either. Run our troops into the ground, run our military into the ground, and put it on our kids credit card. NOW these guys are fiscally responsible.. ROFLMAO... 

    >Eric Cantor (R) Voting record: Exact duplicate of Boehner, including the rest periods for troops and the redeployment from Iraq. 

    >The republicans have 0 responsibility if the govt shuts down... Republicans "Road to Prosperity".... cut funding for old mentally disabled vets so we can give the Koch brothers and BP a tax cut and some subsidies..  It is either the Republicans way or the highway. No compromise, no negotiation..  If there is a govt shut down that costs the govt more money and messes up the economic recovery we are in right now who cares right?? The Republicans will simply point finger at everyone....anyone... but themselves. Remember who ran this entire show from 2000-2008 with RECORD deficits caused in part by a trillion dollar lie in Iraq, and plenty of tax cuts for richy rich....Republicans.

    >Look at these charts showing the US National Debt over time: Red is Republican, Blue is Democrat... You tell me which party is better at dealing with govt spending and the overall debt???

    >Ohh yahh.. After spewing hate speech and lies on Fox News for 2 years, Glenn Beck is leaving his show on Fox. Next crazy guy on fox that will ramp up the hate? Donald Trump?? Or did Donald just pay off a few people to get Beck out of there so we can have the Trump Birther Show... ??? I know Beck makes 30 million a year but I think Trump has that in cash in his back pocket.. What a Joke!
    >Paul Ryan Voting Record 1999-2007 Voted YES on every single war appropriations including the 10/10/02 Vote to use force in Iraq.. This is insane... These same republicans who are claiming fiscal responsibility, did not seem to have any problems blowing 1 TRILLION in Iraq and Afghanistan... 

    >The Fukushima nuclear reactor is now dumping radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean.. No big deal of course if you watch Fox and their Experts... Look there goes Elvis!!

    >If there is a God or a Higher Power he must be looking at us down here totally ashamed of what we have done and continue to do to the Earth. Dump oil by the millions of barrels into 1 ocean, dump radioactive isotopes, and garbage by the square mile in the Great Pacific Garbage Heap into the other ocean. Burn up millions of years of energy stored in oil and coal withing 150 years, all the while dumping uncountable amounts carbon into the upper atmosphere to the point that March 30, 2011 the ozone layer above the arctic depleted 40% from the normal.. 10% more than the previous record.. You know what the problem is... No one cares and the ones that do are paid by the polluters not to care... Future generations will look back at us and think, what a bunch of idiots.. Thanks for the toxic waste dump you have left us all. 

    >Transocean, operators of the Deep Water Horizon Oil rig that blew up and killed 11 workers and dumped something line 150 million barrels of oil int the Gulf of Mexico, gives huge bonuses to their execs and pay raises saying 2010 as the safest year for them in history... Shows you 1 thing.. What happened in the gulf don't mean a dam thing to them AT ALL... Don't mean anything to the govt either cause they are still giving out permits to drill in deep water in the Gulf using the same blowout preventer that failed on the Deep Water Horizon. Recent forensic tests have shown the the blow out preventer can be disabled by the same blowout it is trying to prevent in deep water... So what if this all happens again, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on WHO?????  4/6/11 NOTE... Transocean Execs agree to give their "safety" bonuses to the families of the victims of the Deep Water Horizon.. Awesome... At least SOMEONE has a conscious... Sincerely, thank you for having a heart!

    3/28/11 Plutonium in the soil near the Reactors in Japan... Contaminated water near the plants that they do not know what to do with. Radioactive ocean water off the coast of Japan. Things are now turning for the worst... Where is this Jay Lehr, liar/"expert"/Paid Spokesman for the nuclear industry, on Fox News now??? "There will not be any health impacts here" , he says.. Yahh OK... Your 2 weeks , no big deal,  is up.. Maybe Fox News should have some real "experts" not idiots that just say what they are paid to say... 

    >Union represention for teachers, PROBLEM, tax cuts for seniors, PROBLEM, grants for students, PROBLEM, funding of the USGS, NOAA, and the National Weather service, PROBLEM.... 124 Tomahawks costing >750K EACH, 93 Million dollars, shot at Lybian air defenses with no clear goal or end game in site.. NOOOO PROBLEM.... Do we ever learn?? Do we learn from our mistakes of the past or does one generation after another just make the same mistakes OVER AND OVER AND OVER???

    >Fox News brings on their "nuclear expert" to the Hannity show... The "expert" prceeds to minimize the entire situation with the reactors in Japan.. "Ohh this will be over in a week or 2" .. No radiation problem, nothing to see here right... It is funny how people will flat out deceive others about things, even in a situation like this where lives are at stake. I am no EXPERT.. But if anyone is watching what is going on today, 3/16 this "expert" is either NOT an "expert" or a flat out liar... US Military is not supposed to go within 50 miles of the plant. Most if not all of the workers at both of the plants have been evacuated due to radiation exposure fears.  The workers that are there are now being exposed to LETHAL doses of radiation. They are not going to even be able to work on these melting down nuclear plants because the radiation will basically kill them.. So what do you do?? Who knows, noone has ever been in this situation. BUT, the good ol Fox News  "Expert" knows .. this will be over in a week or 2 and no big deal.. 

    >Fox News... Seriously... Do you have anyone on your network that tells the truth about the facts.. Are all of your "Experts" as good at predicting the future and misinforming people about the facts as your guy on Hannity?? OR are you all over there so far leaning right that you can make a nuclear meltdown seem like a day at church???  Or is it paid off? Or both?? 
    Even John Stewart on Comedy Central presents more facts than your "news" network. Quit deceiving people FOX, WE all have to deal with the real world you guys are lying about.. You at fox are more worried about Obama filling out his College BBall bracket or what Michelle Obama is wearing. Get to the NEWS, please.. Then again, just get your facts straight and quit lying to people about everything. 

    >John Boehner Republican House leader in a statement today about the nuclear situation... "So I think let's learn the lessons, let's understand what safeguards if any additional safeguards need to be put in place. But let's not just say like we have for the last 30 years, we're not even going to look at it because we're afraid of it."
    >Did the Republicans or Johnny learn anything from the Wall Street meltdown...??? NOOOOO ... All they want is to deregulate them more and let them run free in their "free market".  The Republicans are all about cash and politics, the facts are just a inconvenience along the way. 

    >A "minor" meltdown has begun at 1 of the Japanese power plants.. What the heck is "minor"... There has been a "small" nuclear bomb go off...???  Nothing to see here people move along.... These aren't the droids you are looking for... You may go about your business... Look, There goes Elvis... GOD..  I guess the ALL realize how easy it is to fool sooo many people or minimize serious things.. What a Joke! 

    >Also, another reactor at another nuclear plant is having the same problems.. Hopefully not the same result!!

    >The worlds hearts are with you Japan! The best of luck in recovering from this complete devastation!

    >8.9 Earthquake hits Japan, 5th largest ever recorded,  followed by a catastrophic tsunami that slammed into the northern pats of Japan. Untold death toll, hopefully not as bad as Sumatra and Indonesia from a few years ago.. Just shows us all how powerful mother nature is and our trashing of mother earth will be our final destruction. 
    5 reactors at 2 Nuclear Power Plants, the Daichi and Diani plants on the east coast of Japan are under a state of emergency as the reactors cooling systems have failed. Japan has given the OK to release nuclear radiation into the atmosphere to vent the reactors..  Backup electric power for the cooling systems has failed as well. Just another reason to use other sources for power.  Watch out, the windmills are falling down....!@!??? We ALL need to pray there is no melt down of the 2 reactors or there will be worldwide consequences.

    >11 Year Old girl in Texas Gang Raped by 18 guys from 12-28 years old.. Defense says "the girl is not completely innocent" and the victim was "not taken advantage of" .. What a joke... any BS line will do I guess.. Who the hell are these guys?? What kind of idiots are we bringing up in this world to where they think raping 11 year olds is OK.. The idiots even recorded it on their phones and spread it around school... I think they have been playing Grand Theft Auto wayyyyy too much and not learning the difference between /right and wrong!! But then again, tons of the people these kids look up to have no morals and do not know what is right and what is wrong either so what do we expect??? Actors/Actresses, Athletes, Govt Representatives, Parents, Religious leaders.. etc etc etc... 

    3/9/11 So now Wisconsin Republicans separate the economic and stripping unions of their collective bargaining parts of the bill they are fighting over... Republicans then ILLEGALLY call a meeting to vote on it and in an 18 to 1 vote, voted to take collective bargaining rights for union workers.. Awesome. So this was about the budget huh??? It is about taking all the rights of the poorer people away, take their money, take their house, and give it to the rich guy that just needs 1 more house to add to the 10 he/she has already... 

    It seems that Republicans are all about morals and legalities when many of them break the exact laws and morals that they act like they are all for and all about... There are many examples.. Tom Delay, Newt Gingrich, David Vitter, etc etc etc... Aside from John  McCain and all his lies, Sarah Palin and all her lies, Bush, Chaney, lies lies lies... 

    >Florida REPUBLICAN Governor Rick Scott proposes 1.75 Billion in cuts to K-12 Education to "balance the budget" , while at the same time giving 1.6 Billion in corporate and property tax breaks. Makes sense.. UnEjumacate some more or our kids and give BP, Exxon, and all the other big corporation so it can "trickle down" or something.. 

    >Wisconsin REPUBLICANS ride in on a wave of discontent about the economy and proceed to introduce legislation to strip Unions, the only "demoicratic" entity that fights against the corporations to keep the playing field level with wages, working conditions, etc. If it were up to the Corps, they would offshore all of the labor to China so they can utilize SLAVE LABOR to maximize their profits and maximize their RICH shareholders dividends. ALL at the expense of the american worker.. All at the expense of what is right.. Ohh and I forgot, the Corps will also offshore their profits to the Bamahas, switzerland, or ANY OTHER tax haven so they don't have pay ANY taxes on their billions in profit. Is this what we want??? It certainly seems like some of the dumb and blind think it is OK by voting these idiots into office.. Not based on their records, simply based on what they "SAY" their will do..

    >Georgia REPUBLICANS raise taxes on Girl Scout Cookies while cutting taxes for corporations.. Jeez!!

    >Republican House... They all ride in again on a wave of frustration over the budget.. What do they do??? Introduce multiple bills to defund Public TV, Defund Planned Parenthood, Defund ANYTHING that helps provide abortion support... WHAT have they done to help produce jobs.. NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.... 

    >Lets take a step back a few years... Who's fault is it that the economy is in the Toilet???  Well lets take just 1 thing...  We have spent at least 1 TRILLION dollars on the war in Iraq.. What did we get out of it?? Cheaper gas??? A democracy??? 4500+ Dead Soldiers and 25K injured??? Who started the war, who propped it up???? WHO spent 1 Trillion of taxpayer dollars on a war for NOTHING, that gained us NOTHING.. Are we safer.. NO, are we broke now... YES... Open your eyes people , if ANYONE else had blown 1 Trillion Dollars on some stupid lie, based on bogus data, blatant lies and deception, what would you do??? Well apparently 1/2 of you would do NOTHING... JOHN MCCAIN voted time and time again to fund the war, 1/2 of you voted for him.. I mean seriously, John MCCain voted to waste 1 trillion of our money based on a bunch of lies and 1/2 of you voted for him??? That makes sense...

    >Wall Street.. Big bonuses still in place, banks are not loaning money , all banks and CC companies have raised their rates and cut credit limits to the minimum... WE the taxpayers bail them out... What do they do?? Offshore our jobs, cut our benefits, and try to strip any entity with ANY power against them away, cut our credit limits, loan money to you at LOANSHARK rates... BUT.. People just keep voting these Republicans in, keep voting the guys in that lie about what they will do, are doing, and when they get into office they do NOTHING their said they just pursue their ideological agendas, regardless of what the public wants... What a Joke!!

    >>>>The question is this... Are we blind or are we just plain gullable and stupid???? Sometimes I feel it is the latter.