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MMats M3000.05D 3000 RMS at .5 Ohm Class D Digital Mono Subwoofer Amplifier MADE IN THE USA

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MMats M3000.05D 3000 RMS at .5 Ohm Class D Digital Mono Subwoofer Amplifier MADE IN THE USA
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Thunder AV Price: $1,399.00
Item Number: M3000.05D
Manufacturer: MMats Pro Audio
Manufacturer Part No: M3000.05D
Condition: New
  • STABLE TO: .5 ohm
  • CONTINUOUS (RMS) POWER @ 13.8 Volts:
  • Watts @ .5 ohms mono 1 X 3000
  • Watts @ 1 ohms mono 1 X 1700
  • Watts @ 2 ohms mono 1 X 850
  • Idle Current: 1.5 amp
  • Signal to Noise Ratio A-Wtd: 85dB
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.3%
  • Input Sensitivity: 150mV-2.5V
  • Slew Rate: 13V / Usec
  • Fuse Rating / Dual: 100 amp
  • Dimensions:
  • Height: 2.25
  • Width: 9.5
  • Length: 13
  • General Information:
  • Frequency Response: <10Hz to 275Hz
  • Low-pass Filter: Variable 24db, 77 to 275Hz
  • Battery Connectors: 0 Gauge
  • Speaker Connectors: 8 Gauge
  • Main Power Wire: This is the wire that runs from the front battery to the rear distribution block in the trunk. Always use a 1/0 gauge minimum.
  • (2) Positive Power Terminals This is the power feed from the distribution block in the trunk. Use 4-gauge cable (MINIMUM) and good quality terminals when routing this connection. Tighten all connections well to prevent power loss due to bad contact. Route the power cable away from the RCA jacks and speaker cables. You MUST use BOTH positive and negative connectors.
  • (2) Ground Terminals - For optimum performance, use 4-gauge cable MINIMUM! Connect these cables to a secure area of the body in the trunk. You MUST use BOTH positive and negative connectors. *See note below.
  • Remote Terminal - The amplifier will turn on when 12 volts is applied to this terminal. This 12-volt signal is usually taken from the Power Antenna or Remote wire coming from the source unit.
  • Speaker Terminals - Connect to speakers using 14-gauge wire (minimum). Running too low of a speaker impedance will cause the amplifier to go into a fault condition.
  • Crossover Filter Linkwitz/Riley 24db slope. This control sets the 6db down point of your amplifier.
  • Gain Allows input levels between 150mV (max gain) and 2.5 volts (min gain) for full output.
  • Recommended Fuse Dual 100 amperes.
  • Protection: Due to the high-current demands of the D3500s, they are designed with a very fast low-voltage shutdown circuit. If you should experience a solid protect light, simply shut the system off and power it back up. If this condition persists after continued playing, it is a sure sign that you Do Not have enough battery supply or alternator charging or both. The philosophy If some is good, more is better, surely applies here!
  • Recommended Battery: You should use 1 battery for each amplifier. If your system uses only 1 amplifier, then the starter battery should be sufficient. The starter battery should always be upgraded with a high output audio battery. Note: When you have to parallel 2 or more batteries together always use the same, size, brand and amperage of battery. This will ensure that the batteries charge equally. We do not recommend battery isolators. At 2 or more batteries, you will need to upgrade your alternator.
  • Note: If you use the chassis as a source for your ground in the trunk, you MUST increase the size of the wire that runs from the front battery to the fender. Remember; 12 volts has to run in a continuous loop and if you do not increase the ground wire up front the voltage/current will be restricted and your system will not play to its fullest.
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