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Kicker ZX300.1 ZX 300 Watt RMS at 2 Ohms Class A/B Mono Subwoofer Amplifier

Kicker ZX300.1 ZX Series 300 Watt Mono Subwoofer Amplifier
Retail Price: $249.99
Thunder AV Price: Discontinued
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Item Number: 11ZX3001
Manufacturer: DISCONTINUED
Manufacturer Part No: 11ZX3001
Condition: New
  • ZX-Series Amplifiers provide the utmost reliability from the biggest name in trouble-free amplification and loud, clear sound. Two-channel, four-channel, a five-channel hybrid and absurd monoblock amps round out a hard-working, noise-free lineup with heat sinks that can be personalized with edgy vinyl skins.
  • All KICKER ZX Amplifiers now feature FIT, or Fail-Safe Integration Technology. Alternators, computers and audio/video entertainment result in additional noise pulsing through today's vehicles. FIT utilizes isolated differential inputs, rejecting noise and electrical interference for the quietest operation possible and ultimate audio clarity. FIT comes standard on ALL KICKER ZX Amplifiers.
  • Seven ZX.1 Mono-Channel Subwoofer Amplifiers give the user a bevy of energy-saving, Class-D* power choices for supplying bass needs. From 300 watts up to a ridiculous 2,500-plus watts (all listed ratings 2 Ohm at 14.4V), KICKER makes selections available for what it does best bass. Hiding under an efficient chassis, ZX Sub Amps offer a 24dB/octave low-pass electronic crossover and a 24dB/octave, high-pass subsonic filter fixed at 25 hertz. All have up to +18dB of boost centered at 40 hertz, and all provide an outlet for the KICKER ZXRC remote bass control for that extra bit of bass at the driver's fingertips (the four most powerful amps include the ZXRC remote with purchase).
  • Differential inputs also make KICKER amps compatible with any factory or aftermarket radio. A muting circuit cancels out additional noise that may surge down the line, so listeners enjoy the cleanest, clearest sound possible. Additionally, a choice of three automatic turn-on modes (remote, DC offset, signal sense) provide ultimate flexibility. Gain and crossover frequencies are top-mounted for easy access to fine tuning.
  • ZX-Series Multi-Channel Amplifiers put the choice of system installation in the listener's hands. Power in the three models ranges from 90 watts x 4 channels up to 160 watts x 4, giving the user plenty of system decisions to make. The full-range channels' 12dB/octave high-, low-, or all-pass electronic crossover is variable from 50 to 200 hertz with the +18dB of boost centered at 40 hertz. The popular ZX700.5 hybrid model features a sub-rattling, 420-watt Class-D channel to go along with 85 watts x 4, running an entire audio system from a single amplifier.
  • Two ZX.2 Stereo Amplifiers offer the same bundle of features that designate them unbeatable, including the +18dB of bass boost. The three most powerful multi-channel and stereo amps provide an outlet for the KICKER ZXRC remote bass control (ZXRC sold separately). Optional endcaps are available for all ZX amplifier models. Amp chassis skins for personalizing any install can be ordered at
  • While KICKER amps are always covered by a two-year factory warranty, KICKER will provide an additional one-year extended warranty with the purchase of any KICKER installation kit at the time of the amplifier purchase. Consumers should contact any Authorized KICKER Dealer or log onto for more information.
  • High-Efficiency Class-D Design in most monoblock amps
  • Innovative boost converter power supply in ZXS Amps for the highest sound quality and super efficiency, nearly 90 percent
  • KickEQ Boost with variable gain up to 18dB centered at 40Hz
  • Active 50-200Hz variable 12dB/octave XOVER with selectable HiPass, LoPass, or AllPass capability on full-range channels
  • Active 50-200Hz variable 24dB/octave LoPass XOVER on mono channels
  • Automatic turn-on options include: 12 volt remote turn-on, DC offset, and audio signal sensing
  • Differential Hi- and Lo-Level Inputs for integration in any system
  • Advanced protection circuitry: low/high voltage, over-current, and thermal protection with indication on end panel
  • All feature FIT Fail-Safe Integration Technology with advanced input design
  • FIT accepts output from virtually any source unit factory or aftermarket low signal-level to high speaker-level
  • FIT's isolated inputs reject electrical interference for noise-free operation
  • FIT's three turn-on modes interface with virtually any vehicle's electrical system (check for different specs on ZX300.1 and ZX700.5 amps)
  • Power (watts) Mono 300 @ 2 Ohms
  • Remote Bass Control No
  • ZXRC Remote Bass capable (sold sep.) Yes
  • Length (in., cm) 13.5", 34.2
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