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Crimestopper Traknet TN-411 TrailerTrak Trailer GPS Tracker w/ Back-Up Battery

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Crimestopper Traknet TN-411 TrailerTrak Trailer GPS Tracker w/ Back-Up Battery
Retail Price: $495.00
Thunder AV Price: $399.95
You Save: $95.05 (19 %)
Item Number: TN-411
Manufacturer: Crime Stopper
Manufacturer Part No: TN-411
Condition: New
  • The Traknet TN-410 "TrailerTrak" GPS tracking unit is an automatic tracking system designed for trailers, containers and even heavey equipment. It is a very small and slender unit with a built-in GPS / Cellular antenna making it easy to be mounted in very limited locations and requires only a three-wire connection (Power, ground and igntion) . The TN-410 also has a built-in back-up battery to allow it to keep memory while the trailer is disconnected from the vehicle.
  • The TN-410 Has a built-in back-up battery with a "low battery" notification which will alert the user when the unit's back-up battery drops down to 11.0V or 21.0V and will also send out Disconnect and Reconnect notifications which will alert the user when the unit has been disconnected from the trailer's battery power and is now running on back-up battery supply and also when the system has been reconnected to the trailer's power supply. The internal battery of the TrailerTrak unit will generate power for up to 4 hours of continuous movement or 4 days if the unit in not moving.
  • When there is no movement detected by the TN-410, it will enter "Sleep mode" to save power. Before powering down, the unit will report its last location and then enter sleep mode. The unit will automatically wake up when it detects motion or if the ignition power is turned on.
  • Unauthorized movement notification lets the user know if the trailer is being towed or moved when it is not supposed to. Automated Geo-Fence setup for extra protection and the automatic locate message so when the unit goes into sleep mode it will send out a message telling you exactly where the trailer is before the unit goes idles down
  • Features & Specification:
  • Type of Tracking:Automatic
  • Built-in GPS / Cellular Antenna:Yes
  • Geofence:Yes
  • Text Message & Email Alerts:Yes
  • Door Unlock:No
  • Starter Kill:No
  • Excessive Speed Alerts:No
  • Reports Location:Yes
  • Reports Heading:Yes
  • Printable Reports:Yes
  • System Highlights:
  • Automatic tracking when ignition is on or trailer is moving
  • Automatic continuous tracking (30 minute interval) in "Unauthorized Movement" mode
  • Unauthorized movement notification (>3 miles of movement)
  • Automated Geo-Fence (No web site required)
  • Built-in GPS / Cellular antennas
  • Waterproof design
  • Dimensions: 5"(L) x 3.5"(W) x 1.5"(H)
  • Internal back-up battery
  • Maintenance notification (Every 3000 miles)
  • Low battery notification
  • Low back-up battery notification
  • Trailer disconnect alert
  • Trailer reconnect alert
  • Power save mode (Sleep Mode)
  • Automatic locate message upon entering sleep mode
  • Daily heartbeat message
  • Traknet's easy-to-use web interface means users can access their account anytime, anywhere from any computer. Just login and start tracking your vehicle. IT"S THAT SIMPLE!!!
  • When vehicles exceed the set speed threshold or cross geo-fence boundaries, an alert is sent to the user via text message and / or email. Allow yourself to have peace-of-mind with the ability to access your vehicle's location at a moments notice
  • Traknet's active Geo-Fence boundaries tracks when a vehicle enters or exits any of the user-defined boundaries. Users are alerted to breaches by text message and email alerts
  • With several different reports offered, your vehicle's information is available within seconds in a full detailed report including: status, speed and heading
  • Service Plan:
  • Contract:1-Year
  • First Year Free:Yes
  • Annual Renewal Fee:$129.95
  • Activation Fee:$19.95
  • Monthly Billing:None
  • Warranty:1-Year

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